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Shoji Lanterns, Japanese Rice Paper Lanterns

Shoji lanterns are fantastic creations among the family of Shoji lamps. Shoji lanterns are reminiscent of lamps that have adorned many temples and palaces during the classical period of Imperial Japan. The lamp has undergone a number of revivals for modern usages. Shoji lanterns today use a special Japanese rice paper that will not yellow or discolor over time. The lanterns are made using fine hand polished cherry wood or walnut or bamboo.


"Even gusting winds are weakened by pliant bamboo never broken in the storm..." goes an ancient Zen folk poem. The inspiration for bamboo designs is believed to have derived from this poem. The cane used in the Shoji lanterns is cut out from plants budding in the yards. Bamboo is assumed as a "female" plant and symbolizing the "yin", the flexibility, strength, growth and resiliency of female energy, found in both genders. Bamboo grows in almost any circumstance and is originate on all continents, enduring green even in wintertime. But once it meets with an obstacle, it stops growing upwards, retreats and draws its increase inside and thickening its base.

Shoji Lanterns

Crane shoji lanterns are another design, which is said to be an inspiration from a Zen country poem, saying, "The crane rises, leaving simply the dream." Panda lanterns, dragon lanterns and tree lanterns are a few of the other shoji designs available. Shoji lamp and lanterns usually come with a stand, glass vow candle vessel and a cover. The shoji covers are finished with non-combustible fibreglass. It can either be used inside or outside, or even in rain.

Shoji Lantern

Pearl Solar Shoji Lantern

Shoji lanterns with a new base, called cloud base are known, to have been stimulated by the old Chinese "cloud" figure. It gives you a different dining experience as the lantern seems floating about 4 inches over your dining table. The "Cloud", as it is popularly called, is offered with all of the six-inch fibreglass envelope designs. Staked lanterns of shoji seem like floating in your garden at night. Covered in a fibreglass coat the glass vow candleholder can be placed near to plants with no harming them with heat. A normal inodorous white votive taper will keep burning for about ten hours. Staked lanterns are available in the range and design of the tiny tabletop shoji lanterns as well.

Japanese Garden Lanterns

Now if you want shoji lanterns that can be used on garden ponds, swimming pools and the Zen hot tub, shoji water lanterns are there for you. They are real art designs hand crafted on fibreglass with a rice paper look. The floating lantern comes with a 4 1/4 inch wide stone resin handcrafted base, glass votive candle holder, fastened to an 8 inch wide closed cell foam disk, and the shoji cover. The shoji covers are 5 1/2 inches in length and are made of fibreglass, which is made of non-combustible materials and hence can be used in all climatic conditions.

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