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Shoji lamps like shoji floor lamps & table lamps are wonderful devices as they combine several elements like paper, light, wood, and design. The inspiration for the lamps has been from the traditional Japanese shoji screens and asian decor styles generally.

Most shoji lamps and shoji table & floor lamps feature a wooden frame with different patterns, covered with rice paper. The word shoji literally means a translucent screen made of a wooden frame covered with rice paper, and thus lamps made of shoji came to be known as shoji lamps.

Window Panes Shoji Lamp

Window Pane Shoji Lamp

Made from Scandinavian Spruce wood and tough, pressed pulp rice paper.

Shoji lamps, which come in various dimensions, include shoji lamp shades and light posts. The clean and simple lines of classic shoji table lamps will light up any room as the light illuminates through the white rice paper graced with white silhouettes of bamboo canes.

There are also easily installable shoji lamps that can be hanged over on a wall. Beautifully crafted and available in various colours, shoji lamps are simply beautiful! Quality crafted with a synthetic paper gives them added durability yet has the texture and look of natural rice paper. Elegant lattice work graces the front and the wood edges gives added dimension.

Exquisitely beautiful whether lit or unlit, is the aki floor lamp Aki Paper Floor Lamp that makes a stunning sculpture for both the home and office. It measures 5' in height and sets on an elegant chrome base. The shades of these shoji lamps are hand crafted of white rice paper, bamboo ribs and measures approximately 10" in width. Since each paper shade is hand crafted by artisans, there will be minor imperfections and small holes. The lamp holds two 60 watt maximum bulbs, UL listed and has an on/off foot peddle switch.

Shoji lamps, shoji table & floor lamps in many more models and functionalities are available now. Their overall design to serve a purpose creates an appealing look. Indirect light through rice paper cast a soft ambient look. The real benefit is a soft, warm indirect lighting that sets a mood, elegance and perfect ambience to anywhere you want.

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