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Shoji furniture is available in a wide variety, catering to various requirements, and yet priced fairly. Some are built for shows, and some are built for home or official use, according to specifications. Shoji furniture includes shoji end tables, shoji tables, Shoji screens, shoji bookcases, shoji telephone stands, and shoji night stands, usually. Before buying a piece, find a dealer from where you get the genuine one.

Hand Painted Floral Bouquet 3 Panel Screen

Hand Painted Floral Bouquet 3 Panel Screen

Shoji tables can be used as a light. Shoji end tables would be a perfect addition for your house or workplace environment. A lit shoji table would certainly be a curious and decorative asian touch to your rooms, place of work, or living room, shaped with beautiful shoji wood and rice paper. When darkened, the tables are fine-looking, and smooth. And when alighted, the table acts more than just as a table and becomes a wonderful example of home accessories casting a smooth and bright glow. Unfussiness and style are the hallmarks of shoji tables.

Shoji 3-Door Media Display Cabinet

Shoji 3-Door Media Cabinet

Among shoji furniture there are also bedside tables. You can place these on each end of a couch bed, or one after your favourite drawing room chaise lounge, or sofa. This will be a superb match for mattresses and platform beds.

Making Shoji Furniture

For making shoji furniture, quarter-sawn US lime tree (Linden), completed with an obvious catalyzed lacquer is usually used. Quarter-sawn (sometimes called 'vertical grain'), gives a straight grain pattern with a lovely watered silk appearance. Fir, Cherry and Port Oxford cedar are other kinds of wood used.

End Table Shoji, with Shelves

Shoji End Table with Shelves

For the girdwork, Port Oxford Cedar is plane-smoothed and left natural. Both Basswood and Port Oxford Cedar are a creamy blond and brown. They work wonderfully together. They will also fit into the interior wood tones of your room unobtrusively.

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