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When it comes to decorating our home, you can find a wide range of items, fashion pieces that will illuminate your existence, and mementoes for those who are precious in your life, and the use of Japanese shoji blinds is an increasingly popular choice in this area.

"Shoji", or "soji" as it is sometimes spelled, is a Japanese word, which means 'something that blocks a passage through'. It is a translucent screen made of a wooden frame covered with rice paper. Hanging shoji paper blinds are used to protect rooms of a house from the sun's harsh rays and can be in the form of roll-up bamboo blinds, slatted blinds, and rattan.

General History of Shoji

Shoji blinds and shoji screens used to indicate every segmentation of a room in homes between 8th and 12th century Japan. People used Shoji paper blinds and screens to part a section from the rest, as there were hardly any walls in a house. Free footing screens, folding screens, and roll-up rattan blinds, were all called shoji at that time. There were gold folding screens behind the emperor and the empress dolls. Sometime in the 12th century, the famous Light shoji was invented. This is called "Akari shoji" and is more like the shoji that now we are familiar with.

With the increase of tea ceremonies in late 16th century, shoji paper blinds with no hip board became more fashionable because of the light they bring in to the tea room. Akari shoji paper blinds weren't durable enough against dirt, rain or wind and so a hip board was added later and it became quite practical. It had frames made of wood, grids and paper on it and this brings some brightness into the room and the lights through shoji paper give the entire room a nice and soft glow and keep privacy at the same time.

Shoji Japanese Blinds

Shoji paper blinds can also be used in the home to diffuse harsh sunlight. The lighting can be effective and the use of rice paper blinds will have a particularly nice romantic touch - both from aesthetic and conservation perspectives. The overall effect is one of space and movement and light. Just pull aside the shoji paper blinds and watch the full views of the glitter of the home nightscape revealed!

You can have attractive Shoji japanese blinds for windows of different types including wood blinds that provide the warmth and beauty of natural hardwoods, often at a very affordable price. For example in window blinds made of basswood, the wood slats are coated with a special sealant that is ultraviolet protected and ensures a beautiful, long lasting finish.

Shoji blinds are resistant to warp and easy to clean making them very affordable for all classes of homes. Truly beautiful and versatile.

Shoji paper blinds often come with some sort of artistic rendering or art prints and this adds to their charm. Hand painted, custom shoji blinds are especially sought after.

Shoji paper blinds not only transcend time, they also transcend cultures and are full of meaning, fascination and uniqueness. Be wrapped in beauty and be stimulated with the mix of Asian customs with Western manner of living that reflects your values and attitudes.

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